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The German-Turkish Bachelor of Laws programme is modelled on the German-French and German-English Bachelor of Laws programmes and thus complements the binational double degree programmes of the Faculty of Law at the University of Cologne.

The aim of the programme is not only to acquire the professional law degree in Turkey - the "Hukuk lisansı" - and the "Bachelor of Laws (LL.B. Köln/İstanbul Altınbaş)", but also the "First Law Exam" in Germany, which opens the way to the regulated legal professions such as lawyer or judge. This model has already been successfully practised for years in the above mentioned German-French and German-English degree programmes.

It is made possible as follows:

1. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B. Cologne/İstanbul Altınbaş)
The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B. Köln/İstanbul Altınbaş) provides a study programme of 240 credits, which is completed through a two-year study phase at the University of Cologne and at İstanbul Altınbaş Üniversitesi respectively.

2. hukuk lisans
Through the two-year study phase in Cologne and the subsequent two-year study phase in Istanbul, students acquire competences in German as well as Turkish law. The two-year LL.B. programme in Germany counts towards the Turkish law degree - the "Hukuk lisansı". After completing the two LL.B. years in Istanbul, students are therefore regularly awarded the Turkish degree of hukuk lisansi in addition to the LL.B. degree.
Among other things, this degree gives access to a one-year legal traineeship in Turkey. After successful completion of the legal traineeship in accordance with Turkish regulations, admission to the Turkish bar is possible.

3. First Law Exam
The contents of the "German-Turkish Bachelor's Programme in Law" in the Cologne LL.B. semesters are completely the same, the contents of the Istanbul LL.B. semesters are partially the same as the contents of the regular programme "Law First Exam" . The academic achievements of the "German-Turkish Bachelor's Programme in Law" on German law in Cologne can be credited to the programme "Law First Exam", so that the regular German law degree can also be obtained. After returning from Istanbul, students only have to complete the "major exercise" and the specialisation area examination. The Bachelor of Laws degree (LL.B. Cologne/İstanbul Altınbaş) replaces the specialisation area examination of the German degree programme "Erste Prüfung" upon application.
After an individual preparation and learning phase of around one year, students can then register for the First Mandatory Law Examination and achieve the "First Exam" degree.

Following this, they can then begin their legal clerkship and finally take the Second Law Exam. Nothing then stands in the way of working as a fully qualified lawyer in Germany.