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For all exchange students, evidence of achievement in the form of examinations must be provided in order to acquire ECTS credits. This means that ECTS credits can only be acquired for a course if a successful examination (with at least the grade "sufficient (4 points)") is passed.

Exchange students are generally expected to take the examinations that are scheduled for everyone. Normally, these exams are written. The detailed examination conditions (content, scope, writing time, deadline, etc.) are determined by the respective professors. Please follow their binding instructions and guidelines.


Exam dates

The examinations normally take place at the end of the semester.

  • winter semester: January + February
  • summer semester: June + July

The up-to-date exam dates are published on the website of the Faculty.


Exam registration

In order to take part in written examinations, prior registration via KLIPS 2.0 is required.

Unless otherwise announced by the Examination Office, the registration and deregistration period for written examinations always ends seven days before the examination date.

For examinations conducted by the Chair of US-American Law, it is not possible to register via KLIPS. Information on the registration to these exams are provided on the website of the chair.


Oral examinations

It is at the discretion of the professors whether an oral examination is offered to international students as an alternative to the regular examination. Students must arrange a possible oral examination with the lecturers themselves.

If an oral examination is offered, we ask for a short notification.

Registration via KLIPS 2.0 is not required for oral examinations. After completion of the exam, the grades can be sent informally by the respective institute/chair to the ZIB Jura by e-mail.