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Partnership with Russia

Photo: Evgeni Tcher

Higher School of Economics, Faculty of law, Moscow

The National Research University - Higher School of Economics (HSE for short) is a university located in Moscow with field offices in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Perm. HSE is one of the leading and largest universities in Russia.

The university was founded in 1992 by economic reformers to support the government's economic plans. The HSE stands in clear contrast to the hitherto prevailing Marxist economic theory of the Soviet Union.

To date, HSE is a leading university with a forward-looking program and continuous integration into European and global processes.

The courses are characterized by their small number of participants, which regularly leads to discussions with the professors and therefore the oral participation has an increased significance in the exam grade. Since many courses are offered in English, the study is also possible without Russian-language knowledge. It offers a very intensive language course, which gives you the opportunity to acquire sufficient language skills for easy communication after a short time.

Extremely affordable and well-equipped dormitories, including security and cleaning staff, are provided for the students. It should be noted that privacy can suffer from this, as the staff is also authorized to control the rooms.

The university is part of the "5Top100" initiative and is considered one of the most internationalized universities in Russia. There is a DAAD editorial office and since 2015 DAAD Go East summer schools have also been offered here. 

"The past four months have opened my eyes to a new culture and have been very eventful. Russia is a country with many cultures and people that could hardly be more different. "

Founding year



State university



National Research University

Number of students


EGE-avarage rating (2014)



QS BRICS University Ranking: 58

Expert-Rating (2015): 5




Adress: Ul. Myasnitskaya 20, 101000 Moscow
Phone: +7 (495) 531-00-59

Start of the academic year


1. September. End: 30. June (summer break).

Academic calendar

Accomodation help

HSE offers dormitory accommodation. Bookings shall be made through students’ online profiles.

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Language courses

Russian as a Foreign Language (optional)-72 classes per semester (6 ECTS).


Is it possible for exchange students to enrol for courses from different faculties?


Exchange students may enrol in any course offered by the host institution for which they are qualified.

For courses taught in English – no less than an English level of B2
(TOEFL iBT 75/IELTS 6.5)

For courses taught in Russian – no less than a Russian level of C1 (based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages levels)

Courses available in Russian:

Courses available in English:

Exam period

See Academic Calendar