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ERASMUS+ Exchange Programme, Switzerland and UK

Photo: Fabian Stürtz

The Faculty of Law maintains ERASMUS partnerships with 59 universities in 23 countries. The ERASMUS partnerships exist with EU member states as well as with Turkey, Iceland and Norway. There are also partnerships with universities in Switzerland (Fribourg, Lausanne) and the United Kingdom (University College London) which are funded in a similar way to ERASMUS+.

On these pages you will find all the information you need about ERASMUS stays abroad.

#32 recht.interessant - Die Podcastreihe der Fachschaft Jura

Podcast on Studying Abroad (with Dr. Jan Kruse)

From parties, palm trees and sandy beaches to snow and northern lights - studying abroad can have many facets. Dr. Jan Kruse is the managing director of the Centre for International Relations of the Faculty of Law and therefore an expert for any question regarding studying abroad. Together with him, we take a look at the great time that awaits you during your studies in a foreign country and the most important points to consider when planning.

The podcast is available on the following platforms:

- Spotify

- Google Podcasts

- Apple Podcasts

- Anchor