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ERASMUS+ Internships

Internships are funded in all ERASMUS+ programme countries.


The aim is for students to gain professional experience in an international working environment and to get to know the requirements of the EU-wide labour market. Furthermore, students can enhance their key qualifications such as communication and cooperation skills, openness and knowledge of foreign cultures and markets.

Students can be funded for a compulsory or voluntary placement of between two and twelve months.

Advantages of an Erasmus internship abroad
  • EU internship contract between university, company and student

  • Academic recognition of the internship

  • Support during the internship by a contact person at the home university and in the company

  • Support for additional costs incurred abroad (monthly mobility grant)*

  • Support in preparation (cultural, linguistic, organisational)

  • Special grants for students with disabilities


Requirements for an Erasmus Internship Abroad
  • Regular enrolment at a German higher education institution

  • Internships in European institutions or organisations are not eligible for funding.


Further information can be found on the website of the European Commission:


For a successful follow-up, we would be particularly pleased if you could tell us whether you were satisfied with your internship. Perhaps you will inquire on site in the interest of your fellow students whether the company is interested in further interns from our faculty. In that case, we will be happy to contact you immediately.

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Application and requirements