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China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing

Photo: 이룬 봉 CC0 Public Domain

The China University of Political Science and Law (short: CUPL) is a public university in Beijing. The CUPL is one of the top positions in the rankings, especially in the field of law, among the best universities in China. The CUPL was founded, as many state universities in 1952 in the course of the Cultural Revolution.

The CUPL is divided into two campuses, one located in Haidian, the university district of Beijing, which alone has more than 2,000,000 inhabitants. The other campus is located outside of downtown Beijing and is intended for undergraduates. Courses for foreign students take place exclusively on the city campus. Language courses are offered, but all lectures are in English.

Despite its high academic position in China, the CUPL is one of the small universities. This facilitates in particular the exchange with the students on site. Accommodation is provided on campus, but of course it is also possible to go private looking for a place to live.

"I experienced a wonderful semester in a living city, in a foreign culture and have experiences that I will not forget my whole life. I can only encourage everyone to spend a semester abroad in China, even if it means facing up to major challenges."

Erwartetes Sprachniveau Für englischsprachige Kurse: gute Kenntnisse, um Kursen zu folgen und Klausuren schreiben zu können.
Für chinesischsprachige Kurse: HSK Level 5 (180 oder mehr) für postgraduate classes und HSK Level 4 (180 oder mehr) für undergraduate classes.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Alle wichtigen Informationen für Austauschstudierende finden Sie im aktuellen Fact Sheet der CUPL (Fact Sheet 2021).



Application Procedure

The application for a study place outside Europe is combined with the application for ERASMUS+ study places. The same prerequisites and requirements apply, which you can find here.