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Doctoral Degree

Photo: Fabian Stürtz

Obtaining the doctorate in Cologne

Graduates from abroad can write a dissertation at the Law Faculty of the University of Cologne. For admission to a doctorate, it is essential that the Master's degree (LL.M.) at the Faculty of Law of the University of Cologne has been passed at least with the grade magna cum laude. The dean's office can only accept the candidate directly for doctorate in exceptional cases.

For further information please contact the Graduate School of the Faculty of Law.


Joint Doctorate

It is also possible to acquire at the same time the degree of the doctor of the rights of the universities to Cologne and a foreign partner university.

Such a joint promotion procedure consists of

The support is provided jointly by a professor from the respective university. No fees are charged.

Application requirements:

    • According to the proposal of each professor of both contracting universities

    • Provided there is a conformation that one professor of both contracting universities has accepted the dissertation topic and written declaration by the professor to the joint scientific support of the dissertation

      • Compliance with French / Italian regulations on the organization of doctoral procedures


  • Prerequisites of the doctoral regulations of the Law Faculty of the University of Cologne, as amended