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Proteus - Interdisciplinary program for the law and policy of EU systems

Photo: Proteus Projekt

PROTEUS is a project to improve the quality of teaching. The aim of the course is to acquire an additional qualification in the law and policy of the EU system and to test new forms of teaching and learning by the students.

In the course of several semesters there is the possibility to participate in events from the law and the political lecture program. The combined main seminars contain as an interdisciplinary event the element of the negotiation simulation or the Moot Court. For this purpose, real situations are simulated by the students in English, such as a meeting at a government conference or a trial before the European Court of Justice (Venue: Warsaw). These events take place in cooperation with the University of Paris Sciences Politiques and the Warsaw School of Law and Administration.

The successful participation is documented by a "Europe Certificate" of Jean Monnet professors Stephan Hobe (law) and Wolfgang Wessels (political science).


Further information can be found on the website of the program.