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Faculty of LawCentre for International Relations

Language requirements and course program for exchange students

The language of instruction at the University of Cologne is German. Therefore, prior knowledge of German or the willingness to learn the German language during the stay abroad is essential for studying German law.

In addition to the large number of courses in German, which are also of interest to our foreign students, the University of Cologne offers courses in English as part of the CUSL (Certificate in United States' Law) programme. In addition, courses are also offered in English in the specialisation programme (offered by the Institute of Air Law, Space Law and Cyber Law).
For this reason, if courses are taken exclusively in English, no proof of German language proficiency is required.

In addition, study groups are offered that are specifically aimed at our foreign students. These take place in German, but take into account the limited language skills of the students.

Please refer to the course catalogue in KLIPS to find out whether further courses are offered in English in the respective semester.