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Faculty of LawCentre for International Relations

German Language Courses at the University of Cologne

Photo: © Fabian Stürtz

The Department of German as a Foreign Language (DAF) offers international exchange students the opportunity to attend German courses before and during the semester. Attention: Special registration procedures and deadlines apply!

  • Pre-semester courses: Duration 5 weeks, 20 hours per week before the beginning of the semester (winter: September to mid October, summer: March to mid-April)
  • Semester courses: 8 hours per week during the lecture period

Für ERASMUS- und LL.M.-Studierende wird jedes Semester ein Deutschkurs, der während des ganzen Semesters stattfindet, angeboten. Dieser ist für einen erfolgreichen Studienaufenthalt in Köln von großer Bedeutung.