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Living in Cologne and Accommodation

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For international students:

Furnished private rooms and apartments searched in Cologne and the surrounding area



It is extremely difficult to find accommodations in Cologne. There are currently more than 71,000 students studying in Cologne and only 4,600 rooms available in student dormitories—with very long wait lists! It is almost impossible to find a room once the semester starts and the International Office can only be of little assistance. You should definitely try to secure a room with the help of friends and acquaintances before you arrive in Germany. Do not expect to be able to find a room at the last minute!

The easiest and most common way to get accommodation in Cologne is the website wg-gesucht.

The website is also available in English.

This offers a comprehensive search for temporary and time-unlimited rooms in shared apartments, as well as complete apartments. It should be noted that, especially for temporary accommodation, rooms are often partially available a few weeks before the move-out date.


Hotels / Youth Hotels

During your first days in Cologne, you may have to stay in a hotel or youth hotel while you search for permanent accommodations. The Cologne Tourist Information Office (KölnTourismus) can assist you in finding a suitable hotel or youth hostel. Their address is: Kardinal-Höffner-Platz 1, 50667 Köln (across from the Cologne Cathedral). You cannot contact the Cologne Tourist Information Office by telephone!

Station Hostel for Backpackers
Marzellenstr. 44 – 56  50668 Köln (Close to the Cologne Cathedral)
Tel:0221 / 912 53 01  Fax:0221 / 9125303 Email:

Station Hostel and Bar
Rheingasse 34 – 36 50676 Köln (Close to Heumarkt)
Tel:0221 / 230247 Fax:0221 / 8016970 Email:

MEININGER City Hostels & Hotels
Engelbertstr. 33-35 50674 Köln
Tel:0221 / 924090  Info and Reservation: 030/666 36 100 Fax:030/66636222

A&O Hotel und Hostel Köln
Mauritiuswall 64-66 50676 Köln
Tel:0221 / 4 67 06 – 47 00 Fax:0221 / 4 67 06 – 47 90 Info and Reservation: 0800-222 67 14 Email: reception(at)

Youth Hostels

We recommend that you stay at an inexpensive youth hostel. Any identification cards you may require to stay at the hostel should be available for purchase at the front reception desk for an approximate cost of € 11.

YH Köln-Deutz City-Hostel
Siegesstraße 5 5069 Köln
Tel:0221 / 81 47 11  Fax:0221 / 884425 Email:

YH Köln-Riehl City-Hostel
An der Schanz 14 50735 Köln
Tel:0221 / 76 70 81 Fax:0221 / 76 15 55 Email: jh-koeln-riehl(at)

Youth Hostel Hürth
Adolf-Dasbach-Weg 5 50354 Hürth
Tel:02233 / 42 46 3 Fax:02233 / 1 63 51 Email:


The Cologne Student Administration (Kölner Studierendenwerk) manages 84 student dormitories and houses. They also have a limited number of spaces available for married couples. If you are interested in applying for one of their rooms, please contact the Cologne Student Administration directly at:

Kölner Studentenwerk, Wohnheimverwaltung

Universitätsstraße 16, 2. Etage 50937 Köln

Tel: 0221 / 94 26 5-218, -219, -220, -222 Fax: 0221 / 94 26 5-212

Email: wohnen(at)


More information and the form for the online-registration you can find here.

A room can not be guaranteed, but foreign students are given preferential treatment during the selection process. In addition, a dormitory room is particularly recommendable because of the price on the "free market".

The deadline for applications is 15 July and 15 January. We recommend that you submit the application before signing up.


You should always send your application directly to the institution that is responsible for the dormitory in question!

For female students:

• Hedwig-Kolleg, Mauritiussteinweg 77-79, 50676 Köln  242747

• Helfta-Kolleg, Kaesenstraße 20, 50677 Köln  93 18 15 0

• Studentinnenwohnheim Müngersdorf, Aachener Straße 608, 50933 Köln  49 41 55
Email: (Only single rooms, full or half board)

For male students:

• Studentenheim Schweidt, Weinsbergstraße 74, 50823 Köln  52 50 61
Email: (Only single rooms, full board)

• Studentenwohnheim Melaten, Clarenbachstraße 1, 50931 Köln  40 46 98
For male and female students:

• Evangelisches Studentenwohnheim, Bachemer Straße 27, 50931 Köln  40610648

• Kolpinghaus Ehrenfeld, Fröbelstraße 20, 50823 Köln  95 14 17 0

• Kolpinghaus International, St.-Apern-Straße 32, 50657 Köln  2 09 30

• Studentenwohnheim Alsatia, Bachemer Straße 51, 50931 Köln  4 06 17 36

• Studentenwohnheim Stiftung Kaufmannshof Hanse, Kaygasse 1, 50676 Köln  24 12 33
Email: (Only single rooms!)


If you are interested in living in a student dormitory, you must apply early (3 or 4 months in advance) to the institution that is responsible for the dormitory in question. The average rent is approximately € 200 per month. A room in a house with full board costs approximately € 300 per month. Please note that most dormitories have set times in which you can move in and that the majority of dormitories will not allow you to move in on the weekend!

Please be aware that you will also probably have to pay a deposit before you move in (usually equivalent to one month’s rent). If you wish to move out, you will need to terminate your lease. Make sure to read the conditions included in your contract!


If you do not wish to live in a student dormitory or are unable to obtain a room in one, you may also choose to:

• Contact the Private Room Agency (Vermittlung für Privatzimmer) at the Cologne Student Administration, Universitätsstraße16, ground floor.

Office hours: Mon. – Fri. 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

• Place an ad in a local newspaper, for example the ,,Kölner Stadtanzeiger.”

• Read the lists of available rooms in the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger", Saturday and Wednesday editions (often available the evening before from the publisher) Amsterdamer Str. 192, Köln-Niehl.

• Consult an agency for arranging shared accommodation (Mitwohnzentrale) If you choose this option, you should be aware that your rent will likely be higher than in similar student dormitories. You should expect to pay € 250 to 300 for a single room and between € 350 and € 400 for a small apartment. Most landlords also require that your parents sign a form stating that they will pay your rent if you are unable to do so.

WIMDU, airbnb and eurasmus

As an alternative to the youth hostels of the DJH, various hostels or hotels, it is possible to temporarily rent a room through the portals  WIMDU, airbnb or eurasmus.