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Would you like to meet a person from another country? To improve your language skills? Or just to show an exchange student around your city?

Then you are perfect for the Buddy Program of the ZIB-Jura!

At the beginning of the new semester, we at the University of Cologne once again welcome new students from all over the world! We want to make it easier for the new exchange students to start their semester and strengthen the bonds between you and the international students! For this purpose, our buddy program offers with your help the possibility to settle in at the university quickly and without any problems. You, as committed and linguistically interested law students, are a friend as well as a contact person for our new students!


What is a Buddy?

Basically, a buddy is a contact person for one or more guest students. Especially before their arrival and at the beginning of the semester, the newcomers are happy to receive help and tips from fellow students in Cologne regarding questions about accommodation, the start of the semester, courses, etc. A buddy does not take over any administrative tasks of the university, but should help to find one's way in everyday and university life. It is not uncommon for the contact to continue beyond the start of the semester and to support the guest students with problems and questions that arise during the semester. 


What do I have to bring with me?

Any student of the University of Cologne can participate. You do not need to have any special language skills or meet any other requirements. The only requirement is that you bring a little time and desire to enrich the study abroad of your protégé.


What is expected from me?

It would be great if you could help your buddy with questions about the university and law school. In some cases, the exchange students will be very grateful if you accompany them to the authorities. Do not worry, if you are not familiar with these matters, we will send you a short overview with the most important information before the semester starts.

Besides the organizational hurdles, it would be an opportunity for you and your buddy to improve each other's language skills or to gain a better insight into the respective country. Of course, this is especially suitable if you are planning a stay abroad yourself!

It is up to you and your buddy to decide if you want to just stay a contact person in Cologne or if you want to develop a friendship.

Furthermore, some of the activities of the orientation week are also open to you. Which gives you the opportunity to get to know the other exchange students as well as the other buddies!


What do I have to do in order to participate?

Simply register with us using the form below. We will try to take your wishes into account when allocating the buddies. Once you have heard back from us, we will ask you again whether you would like to take on the buddy. That would be a shame, but if something else has come up, you have the option of withdrawing from participation for the semester.

Buddies are always assigned shortly before the start of the semester. You can register at any time and will then be considered for the next semester start. To participate in the Buddy Programme in the winter semester 2023/24, please register by 3.09.2023.

An important aspect at the end: the participation in the Buddy Program will have a positive influence on your own application for a study abroad program!


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