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Legal Terminology Courses

The foreign-language law courses serve on the one hand to learn or deepen a foreign language and on the other hand to introduce students to foreign legal systems.

The proof of foreign language competence required by the examination regulations can be obtained through these courses.

The university offers legal terminology courses in the following areas of law (please check KLIPS to find out which courses are offered in the respective semester):

  • Italian legal terminology with introduction to Italian law
  • Spanish legal terminology and introduction to Spanish law
  • Portuguese legal terminology with introduction to Portuguese and Brazilian law (private and commercial law)
  • Portuguese Legal Terminology with Introduction to the Rights of Portugal and Brazil (Public Law)
  • Introduction to French Law
  • Turkish Legal Terminology I
  • Turkish Legal Terminology for Advanced Students
  • Latin for Lawyers

You can pick up the certificates of passed legal terminology courses, as soon as they have been issued by the lecturers, at the ZIB Office during opening hours.

In addition to the above-mentioned courses, the Chair of US American Law offers various courses on US American law as part of the Certificate for United States Law, in addition to the course Introductiono to US Law and Terminology. Information on the courses and the programme can be found on the chair's website.