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Erasmus/Exchange Law: Outgoings (Studies/Internships)

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In each academic year, students of the Faculty of Law have the opportunity to study law for one semester (usually the winter semester) or two semesters at one of the 66 international partner universities in 26 countries (in London a stay is only possible for a full academic year). The selected students for ERASMUS partner universities receive a scholarship (mobility grant) of between 300 and 450 euros for max. 10 months. Through the ERASMUS programme, students can be fundeded up to three times: once during the state examination, a second time as part of a master's programme, and finally as a doctoral student for the third time. For an Erasmus stay as a doctoral student, we recommend a personal consultation, as such a stay is not possible at every one of our partner universities.

The administrative organisation and financial management is handled by the central ERASMUS+ coordination in the International Office of the University of Cologne. Information on federation rates and documents can therefore be found collected on the website of the International Office.

There are also faculty partnerships with universities in Switzerland (Fribourg, Lausanne) which are funded in a similar way to ERASMUS within the framework of the Swiss European Mobility Programme.

In addition to the ERASMUS partnerships, there are also other faculty partnerships worldwide. Students can apply for stays at partner universities in the UK, the US, China and India. Students interested in these countries can apply to Department 9/Internationales for a PROMOS scholarship. Every year, there is the opportunity to receive a DAAD-sponsored scholarship to study abroad at the partner university in Beijing.

In addition to the faculty partnerships, there are numerous inter-faculty university partnerships outside of Europe. Law students have the opportunity to apply to the International Office for a spot at one of these universities if there is a law faculty there as well. Since these cooperations are administered by the International Office, their own application requirements and deadlines apply, which you can find out about on the relevant website.

In addition to the partnership programmes, it is always possible for students to apply directly to foreign universities as so-called "free movers". If there is no inter-institutional agreement between the University of Cologne and the desired foreign university, funding by the University of Cologne is unfortunately not possible. Application and enrolment take place directly at the foreign university as well. In contrast to the partner universities, foreign universities do not usually waive tuition fees for free movers.

Information and inspiration on studying law abroad can be found on the topic page of Studying Worldwide - Experience it!, a campaign of the DAAD and BMBF.


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